Mac OS X 10.6 details leak out

Updated 3:44 p.m. PDT: Apple PR formally issued the press release in question that went out inadvertently earlier Monday.Apple quickly retracted a few Mac OS X 10.6 tidbits leaked out by its Canadian subsidiary following the Worldwide Developers Conference keynote, but the Internet misses nothing.

Bertrand Serlet, Apple’s senior VP of software engineering, told WWDC 2008 attendees about Snow Leopard Monday afternoon.

(Credit: Apple)

Scores of sites picked up on a press release that went out from Apple Canada and was pulled at some point after it went live. According to the release, Snow Leopard–which Apple CEO Steve Jobs confirmed is the code name for 10.6–will focus more on improving the basic plumbing of the operating system than adding any catchy new features, as The Unofficial Apple Weblog reported last week.

Apple’s Bertrand Serlet was scheduled to address Apple’s developers in a session closed to the press Monday afternoon to go over 10.6, and now we have some idea of what he’s telling them; much to the chagrin of Apple PR, I suspect. Snow Leopard will improve support for multicore processors and allow developers to exploit powerful graphics processors, as we reported last week.

The release will also come with a new version of Quicktime that improves video playback, and a faster version of Safari. According to the reports, Apple expects to ship 10.6 “in about a year


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