Screenshots: Adobe’s office suite

Adobe launched Monday a beta version of an online office suite that allows you to create word processing documents, share files, convert PDFs and hold Web conferences. For more information, read Larry Dignan’s blog.


Here’s the online home page for the tools. You can also download a copy for your desktop to work offline.

Click on any image in this gallery to enlarge.



Traffic alert

Warning, remember this is a brand new, free beta. The problem only lasted a few minutes.

Opening a document.


In Buzzword, Adobe uses a toolbar, similar to Photoshop, for the main edit tools, such as paragraph, font, lists, and images.

Add images by choosing the “Insert Image” icon, choose an image off your hard drive, drag and drop the image to the position you choose, and resize by clicking on the corner of your image.

When sharing a Buzzword document you can add a comment by clicking on the comment icon.

To create a table, hit the table icon and a box that you can click on to create a table will appear next to it. Then you can fill it out.

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