[New] adobe Flash Player 10 Beta

We just released a public beta of the next Flash Player, version 10. As is now customary, Linux is invited to the cross-platform party and is available alongside the Mac and Windows binaries. Go get it here. And go report bugs here.

There are plenty of nifty new features covered in the labs link. More interesting for Linux users is that we have been addressing the graphical performance issues that manifesting starting in 9r115, the version where we had to rework the graphical system due to the new XEmbed support (trying to remember what that bought us… oh yeah: context menus consistent with the desktop). The key to performance? Move away from recommended APIs and use unrecommended ones (without resorting to deprecated APIs).

Anyway, I can certify that this version is notably faster. I have been testing the FP10 beta on my special profiling tool, a.k.a. Asus Eee PC. But I would still like to hear whether you experience measurable performance improvements as well.


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