Adobe LiveCycle Data Services ES 2.6

Adobe® LiveCycle® Data Services ES is the server-based technology that streamlines the integration of rich Internet applications (RIAs) with LiveCycle Services, J2EE applications, and business logic.  This release aligns with the releases of Adobe Flex® 3 and Adobe Flex Builder™ 3. It provides new and enhanced capabilities for enterprise developers building application utilizing Flex and LiveCycle. A complete list of new features is contained in the documentation. Below are some highlights.

New and Enhanced Features

Alignment with Flex 3

LiveCycle Data Services ES 2.6 supports the releases of Flex 3 and Flex Builder 3.

Improved LiveCycle Foundation Integration Features

You can now define data management data sources with LiveCycle ES components, the mechanism you use to write new components with LiveCycle Foundation. We also support: single-signon for LiveCycle remoting applications, LiveCycle services which use the enumerated data type, and provide the ability to push changes to Flex clients in real-time from LiveCycle processes. (Requires LC ES 8.2)

Improved RTMP Performance and Scalability

Supports more concurrent users on the same server infrastructure.

Scalable HTTP Based Channel

Supports thousands of connections for each Java process. You can use our RTMP channel if you are able to make these connections from your clients directly to the LC DS process. You can use the scalable HTTP based channel infrastructure if your clients can only connect to your servers using the HTTP protocol (i.e. based on proxy servers used by your clients or firewall limitations used by your servers). Using LC DS’s flexible ChannelSet mechanism, it is easy to support a list of channels so your clients can connect using the implementation which provides the most efficient implementation.

Data Management Paging Improvements

LC DS 2.5.1 introduced a mechanism which let you page from the clients directly to the database but this mechanism was not supported with the “auto sync” feature. With this new release, that restriction has been removed. You can now do very efficient on-demand paging directly to the database while the clients are kept up to date with the latest changes. You can also now turn on paging for associations in your object model which improves the efficiency with which you can manipulate large object models.

Data Management Offline Improvements

Using the SQL database contained in Adobe’s AIR runtime, we can use the offline support introduced in LC DS 2.5.1 to persist data directly to a SQL database. With very little additional code, you can use an application written to use data management offline with complete access to any data and queries you executed online by simply specifying a cache id and either using the auto-save option or explicitly saving queries or items you want to persist offline for retrieval later.

Data Management Improved Subtype Support

Data management now supports object models where associations are added in a sub-type. Previously a single destination could manage a type hierarchy but all types had to have the same set of associations. Now you can define a destination for each class which parallels the object hierarchy using a new “extends” attribute. A subclass can add additional associations.

Data Management and Hibernate Improvements

Configuration of hibernate destinations has been made much simpler and less error prone. Support for Hibernate Annotations is also provided.

A complete list of new features is contained in the documentation. We appreciate your participation in the beta release.

Follow these steps to begin experiencing the LiveCycle Data Services ES 2.6 beta:

  1. Download the LiveCycle Data Services ES beta
  2. Read the Release Notes and follow the Installation Instructions.
  3. Read the LiveCycle ES Developer’s Guide
  4. Check out the sample applications that are included in the installation. Start with the Test Drive sample application if you want to ramp up quickly.
  5. Report bugs or feature requests in the LiveCycle Data Services ES public bug database
  6. Ask questions and share your feedback in the LiveCycle Data Services ES 2.6 forum

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